• The Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights (NKF) is led by the Executive Board (arbeidsutvalget) on a daily basis.
  • The National Board (landsstyret) meets yearly, and is responsible for setting broad policy directions. The National Board consists of the members of the Executive Board and the local Branch Presidents.
  • Both the Executive Board and the National Board are chaired by the NKF President.

Executive Board

Marit Nybakk – President

nybakkMarit Nybakk is a Member of Parliament for the Labour Party. She was President of the Nordic Council in 2013. Since 2016 she serves as the 31st President of the Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights.

Turid Lilleheie – First Vice President

Hilde Bojer – Board Member

Tone Brekke – Board Member

Hilde Rognlien Johansen – Board Member

Vigdis Lian – Board Member

Christine Loewe – Board Member

Susanne Skjørberg – Board Member

Gunhild Vehusheia – Board Member

Anne Cathrine Berger – Alternate Board Member

Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld – Alternate Board Member

Kari Gjesteby – Alternate Board Member

Kari Kjenndalen – Alternate Board Member

Randi Ohna – Alternate Board Member

Lise Tostrup Setek – Alternate Board Member

Ingrid Tungen – Alternate Board Member

Other members of the National Board – Branch Presidents

Tove Pemmer Sætre – Bergen

Turid Lilleheie – Drammen

Karin Beate Theodorsen – Oslo